Venue: The Waterfront, Norwich Support Bands: Y△CHT Date: 27/05/2009 Photography by: Lewis Gibbs After an intriguing pre Wolf performance by a two piece 'I have no idea how to possibly describe what genre one would place them in' band, Y△CHT, and another solo artist of whom I have very unprofessionally misplaced the name of, Patrick Wolf arrived upon the stage with a flamboyance only Patrick can possibly present, to a crowd of 'Goth-Pop' teen fanatics jumping and wriggling to the pop beats of the pied piper esq personification that is Patrick Wolf. It may seem like a rather un-enjoyable eve, but Patrick Wolf is Patrick Wolf, and the audience aside, he writes some extremely wonderful music and performs with panache and with such presence that one can only behold the show and enjoy every sentiment it has to offer. From piano to violin, from violin to guitar and to piano again in what seems like an endless travelling moment of musical adeptness, through a constant and unyielding changing melodious atmosphere, Patrick presents us with a cacophony of musical dispositions all sounding dissimilar yet all named Patrick Wolf, all tethered together with a singular style and distinguishable voice that caused me to forget the happenings of the audience and just watch the performance for what it was. Awesome! The first time I saw Patrick perform was on stage at Latitude festival a couple of years ago, and although it felt like a large descent from such an epic backdrop at Latitude to a small venue in Norwich, what he lost from Latitude he managed to gather back and project into his performance at The Waterfront, and although not as visually colourful, his music was still as heartfelt and as enigmatic. Check out more from Patrick Wolf on his myspace site - Patrick Wolf Myspace MP3: Patrick Wolf - Damaris