Venue: Auntie Annies Support: Gavin Glass, Alice Jago Date: 07/10/10 Paul Heaton at Auntie Annies was simply the best gig in Belfast all year. We’ve had Wilco! We’ve had Richmond Fontaine in a bookshop – But Heaton in a compressed Auntie Annies Porterhouse upstairs setting lived up-to a lot... A lot more than you’d expect from one of the greatest lyricists of the past 25 years. He has played Belfast 15 times. 1986 was the first, lending for banter with this audience. He mentions staying up till half-eight one morning in a pub that’s changed hands. It’s clear that he doesn’t like it now. The crowd lap it up. He asks who bought his first single at that time and there are many believable claims but Paul has none of it, sighting how young these fans are - the Charmer. Other acts could learn a thing or two... He plays Deckchair Collapsed, Little Red Rooster, The Old Radio, Young Man’s Game and Acid Country at a breakneck pace. The Housemartins' classic Build is a belter and sung along by everyone in the leary drunken room. All four band members have great voices and compliment The Master well. As it’s Poetry Day Paul’s penned a poem for Ireland “both north and south” taking in the feelings and values of east Belfast with the rest of Ireland. It’s brilliant. Paul’s a performer who can let his audience drift away with the melody and mellifluousness of his voice and then reel them in with a friendly put down between songs. There’s a Clash cover in the encore and a CD signing at the end. He feels sorry for younger artists starting out. It’s getting harder and harder for them as support Gavin Glass testifies asking for CD sales to pay his petrol home to Dublin. The Paul Heaton band are introduced as his three wives and the reason why he doesn't get back together with his 'former partners'. Based on this performance why would anyone want him to anyway? The Beautiful Who?