In a lot of ways, No Grace is the kind of album you would expect PAWS to make at this point in their career. Coming after finding themselves at a crossroads and on the brink of cracking after a grueling tour, they channeled their anxieties and frustrations into going big and making something of a definitive statement.

No Grace vsees them continuing to make subtle adjustments to their sound without straying too far out of their comfort zone. 'Gild The Lily' and 'Salt Lake' recall the slacker noise-rock of earlier releases, 'No Grace' opens with a gorgeous Flip Your Wig-era Hüsker Dü riff and 'Impermanent' is stomping power-pop.

On 'Empire State', 'Clarity,' and 'Gone So Long', they veer into surging pop-punk. Mark Hoppus produces this time around and he gives their ramshackle pop a polished makeover without completely smoothing over its rougher edges in the process: the guitars are layered in biting fuzz and the rhythm section rumbles warmly. Where circumstance sometimes has a way of completely crumbling a band, PAWS persevered, grew, and turned out an especially fun and heartfelt release that also happens to be one of their best.