At this point, you either get PC Music or you don't. I've tried to find a middle ground for the non-believers but I can't quite seem to find one. Fortunately, there is a large proportion of people that do get the off-centre pop-centric record label/genre and its growing collective of artists, and many of them were at Scala in London for PC Music's largest event to date, at least on home turf, Pop Cosmos.

PC Music's airbrushed, digitally created aesthetic has perhaps taken away some of the shine of the actual talent within the collective but as they branch more and more into the live arena, it's evident that all the artists on the label - all of which were in attendance tonight bar China-based popstar Li Yuchun - share a common love for pop music and at this point, it's pretty evident that their love for it is honest. That slick-looking aesthetic doesn't seem to transfer over to the live stage however. While impressive, the stage set up and accompanying pop up shop in the foyer selling exclusive PC Music merch did look a little bit like a school presentation, more so in an endearing way than out of laziness (or perhaps lack of revenue).

Outside of the more left-field and harder to embrace sounds of early openers Spinee, easyFun and Felicita, you'll find pop hooks and melodies that some of today's biggest superstars would be more than happy to claim as their own, some of which can be found in PC Music's resident Starbucks fanatic GFOTY (Girlfriend Of The Year), who declared this to be "my show. This is MY show!". Backed by "dancers" and a "band" for EP cut 'Got My Chad', GFOTY hopped, bounced and screamed around the stage in the most frantic and hysterical way, that can only be described as a seven-year-old on a sugar high. That's not a diss, by the way because I genuinely find GFOTY one of PC Music's more interesting acts and with a little refinement she could be one of the collective's first real breakout stars along with Hannah Diamond. Older cuts 'Don't Wanna/Let's Do It' and 'Buy Me a Drink' are all still hyperactive pop numbers made even more exciting thanks to GFOTY's enthusiastic performance.

Label head honcho A.G. Cook seamlessly took to the decks, opening with an unreleased remix of Charli XCX and Hannah Diamond's 'Paradise' before branching into more of his arsenal of unreleased beats and instrumentals. In one of many bizarre moments throughout the night, PC Music affiliate QT (who earlier revealed a picture of herself back in the studio) slowly walked onto the stage in her usual almost-robotic fashion during a remix of her single 'Hey QT' for a moment which many assumed would include a surprise performance. Instead, QT walked to the booth to hand Cook a drink (which I can only assume to be her own brand of energy elixir QT) and walked straight off again. Yet in that brief moment, the crowd went absolutely insane. It's moments like these that just show the true power of PC Music and what they've managed to achieve in their own little world.

PC Music's Pop Princess Hannah Diamond brought her signature bubblegum element and slightly softer edge to the night's proceedings, with a set comprised of much of her previously released material such as 'Keri Baby', 'Attachment' and previous single 'Hi', much to the delight of the audience. But rather bizarrely, Diamond's set seemed rather subdued and maybe even a little underwhelming. During Danny L Harle's EP release party last year, there was more of a feverish element of impression, but this time that usual Diamond sparkle was… missing. Maybe she just needs a good polish.

Closing out the night's non-stop musical extravaganza, Danny L Harle's set began as a normal DJ set filled with many of his tracks including the highly praised 'Broken Flowers' and new single 'Ashes of Love', unfortunately minus Chairlift's Caroline Polachek. Harle also used his set to premiere his highly anticipated collaboration with pop superstar Carly Rae Jepsen. Tentatively titled 'Supernatural', it's a euphoric dance record that could fit in quite happily within an Ibiza set, or a school disco in the '90s. Harle has this distinct knack for pop bangers and judging from the reaction of 'Supernatural', that knack isn't going anywhere soon.

PC Music is truly an enigma but it's one that works. It's gone way beyond the stage of being an internet meme (thankfully in part to their recent partnership with Columbia Records) and is slowing growing its legs into something of real substance. Is PC Music authentic? At this point, I'd like to think so. The Pop Cosmos and last year's Pop Cube in New York City prove that there's some authenticity to the brand but the Pop Cosmos and Pop Cube also prove that they're willing to have fun with what they do and allow an aura of not-give-a-fuck, which is desperately missing in pop music today. Recent collaborations with mainstream stars like Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen and possibly Nicola Roberts are testaments to their forward-thinking fearlessness to push pop music into new and daring areas. It's time to jump on the Pop Cosmos whether you like it or not, otherwise you're going to get left behind.