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I found Pearl Charles while browsing the upcoming releases from Burger Records' catalogue (a label that never lets me down), and I must admit, it was one of the most pleasant surprises I've had lately. Cruising cooly between surf vibes and Laurel Canyon country rock, her retro-looking, yet forward-thinking music is familiar, yet a breath of fresh air.

Her self-titled debut EP is unpretentious and straight-to-the-point, and will therefore leave you wanting more -- which is one of the greatest compliments I think one can pay to a release. Opener, 'Night & Day', kicks off with an introductory riff that threw me back to the first time I heard Temples' 'Shelter Song', not only due to its laid-back, vintage-sounding nature, but also because it grabbed my attention immediately.

The track flows into the amazing single 'You Can Change', the song that made NME compare Pearl Charles to "a stoner Lana Del Rey or a Jenny Lewis with grit" -- thank God more Lewis than Del Rey --, although I would also place her somewhere in-between The Pierces' You & I phase for the hippie-chic allure, and Holly Golightly's Truly She Is None Other for the Tarantino-esque qualities of her songs.

There is also a serpent-like aura to Pearl Charles' tracks, a sort of mystery or secrecy that makes every note sound toxic but so irremediably hypnotising. That magnetic quality is visible on tracks such as the stoner desert rose 'Indian Burnout' and addictive 'I Ran So Far', while 'What Can I Do' had me begging for a collaboration with La Luz to be arranged (please make it happen!). Oddly, the EP's closer, 'Idea To Her', felt like the weakest link: it's not that it feels out of place or lacking in quality, it's just missing the sense of urgency found elsewhere on the EP (I also think it's the one closer to Del Rey's universe, so maybe that's why I found it a bit boring).

The overall impression of Pearl Charles' debut EP is so absolutely positive, it's hard not to be excited about her future. The stripped-down, laid-back attitude with which she communicates her musical universe invades us like a drug, and it's fair to say Pearl Charles has left us cold-turkeying against our own will.

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