Released: 2nd March 2009 Label: Wind-Up Records Website: Before People In Planes release their second album, 'Beyond The Horizon', they've decided to throw an EP out into the world called 'Last Man Standing'. All I really know about this band is that they've been compared to some of the worlds biggest bands, like Radiohead, Muse and Pearl Jam. Are these observations correct? Well not really. They share the same sort of sonic space as Muse, and a lot of their epic based riffery, but the Radiohead/Pearl Jam comparions are laboured observations to say the least. In fact they seem to sit quite comfortably on the fence for the best part, especially on EP opener 'Last Man Standing', which comes across as being far too radio friendly for it's own good. Thankfully as the EP progresses I get the sneaking suspicion that they've been let off their leashes a bit. Maybe the opener was the 'label pleaser'. Second track, 'Barracuda', is a Queens Of The Stone Age style affair, which could be down to the producers, Eleven, who are long time collaborators with the band. The only thing that lets the song down for me are the ludicrous lyrics. "Don't play scuba, scuba, scuba, with a Barracuda" Ahem. They might be right but factual information aside, they're no Morrissey when it comes down to lyrics. The EP closer, 'Baked', is a 'start quiet, end loud' sort of song and is definitely the highlight of the three tracks. It really showcases what this band are capable of if they push themselves. It's loud, in your face and more importantly shows a level of intelligence which is lacking in the previous two songs. Come on! Get off that fence! Rating: 6/10