Label: Jagjaguwar Release date: 27/04/10 Link: Website MP3: Tunnels Buy: Amazon From the first drum roll of 'Tunnels', the atmosphere of Deep Tissue is that of psychedelia. Reverberated guitars walk hand in hand by a mesmerising bass line and a guitar just having a jolly good old time. It would be hard to describe the sound of Deep Tissue, as the “psychedelic rock” tag is applicable only during a few moments of the rather lengthy songs (the shortest being six minutes). Let's just say that People of the North sound a bit like the parent band, Oneida, just slightly more experimental. If a stepping stone is to be asked, maybe Psychic Ills (from the same area as People of the North, hmm) could be a slightly similar sounding band? Repetition and droning are the order of the day. 'The vastest island' is the calm, chill-out sea of tranquillity disturbed by the urgency of 'Summer leaves', the more complex and, well, disturbing of all tracks. It works perfectly and it could very well be the calling card of the band: throbbing bass, haunting voices and guitar noodling. The lengthy EP (36 minutes!) ends up with 'Over me', an amalgamation of every single trick used in the previous songs, bringing the whole experience to another level. Maybe more to the experience is the fact that the album is available only on vinyl or digital, perhaps as a memory of a time long gone. A hazy, trippy old time. Photobucket