In their own words, Pepe Deluxe "is an inter-continental collective orchestra directed by James Spectrum - Baron of Sealand and Paul Malmström - an explorer of worlds both known and unknown. And you know, I'm not going to rock the boat, as the theatre of Pepe Deluxe's recent album (and its forthcoming deluxe re-release) along with the narrative that underlies it all is absolutely crucial to them, and to the delight I experienced at watching their debut UK show at The Scala on Monday night.

The eccentric headliners were amply supported by dapper Finns Husky Rescue, who proved a captivating crossbreed of The Deer Tracks and Royksopp. Breathy, typically (of the best Scandinavians) inventive lyrics and melodies and a quirky combination of rave-esque synths and purposefully off-kilter rhythms meant I quickly sought out their studio debut 'Ship of Light' the following morning, and I suggest you follow suit.

Of course, the night belonged to Pepe. A rip-roaring set of 60s and 70s inspired blues rock, pussycat rock and psych-folk was accompanied by brilliantly madcap video projections that played out like elongated goofy b-movie title sequences. For a full dissection of what makes the material comprising their latest full-length so original keep your eyes peeled for our review of the aforementioned re-release shortly, but in the meantime, there's more than enough for them to keep busy with below. And if you somehow get the chance to see the somewhat reclusive intercontinental orchestra play live again in the future, I'd seize it - they just might play 'Salami Fever' as their encore again.

Pepe Deluxe

Husky Rescue

Photos by Tim Ferguson