Perfume Genius has a voice that creates an instant feeling of intimacy with his listener. His second album Put Your Back In 2 It is not one that could ever be shared satisfactorily with anybody else. It is an album to be enjoyed alone, late at night, while feeling melancholic and contemplative. When listened to in this condition, Put Your Back In 2 It is a remarkable album. Perfume genius has a warmth to his voice and a minimalist sensibility to his composition that cannot fail to resonate.

When in the right mood it's very difficult to shake the feeling that Perfume Genius has created a wonderful album, a possible contender for album of the year. The whole record has an eerie charm to it. Pianos and guitars resonate into the multiple pools of calm that grace the album. The whole work has a remarkable restraint to it, Perfume Genius knows that sometimes silence speaks louder than music and has avoided crowding the record with too much unnecessary noise. The result is a remarkably bleak but emotionally bare album. There's little here for the listener to grasp onto apart from Perfume Genius's delicate voice and we cling to it hard. We are forced to feel every bit of emotion that the singer gives us. While this isn't a bare bones folk record, every instrument played has a personal feel to it. There's rarely more than one musician playing at any one time and as such Put Your Back In 2 It feels a remarkably personal experience.

The lyrics feed into this feeling nicely. Lines such as "you would never call me baby, if you knew the truth" feel as if Perfume Genius is pouring his soul into these songs. There's no sense that he's holding anything back on the emotion front and as such the album is a constant assault of heartbreakingly earnest and sad songs. This is the reason why the album needs to be listened to in the right frame of mind, and is its greatest weakness. The amount of space and lack of instrumentation in the album means that it is lacking variety. Each song may be laden with emotion and feeling but this leaves little of musical interest for the more casual listener.

Put Your Back In 2 It needs to be given the total attention of the listener to ever be effective as an album. If put on in the background or when not in the mood, the music will either become quickly annoying or be instantly forgotten. It's not that the album lacks any sort of immediacy, it will be loved from the first listen given the right context, but instead that most of what it has to offer is its emotion. Perfume Genius has a great voice and has crafted some nice music here, but by itself that's not enough. Put Your Back In 2 It, unfortunately, lacks the immediate appeal in all contexts to ever be called a great album. However if you listen to it at the right time you will fall in love.