It's hard to think of PB&J without hearing the 2006 cult whistling track 'Young Folks'. Go on, just try. It's everywhere. In tearooms, vintage clothes shops and even DIY adverts. Since then it feels like the song has become bigger than the band themselves, and from the look of PB&J's impact on the charts in the last 5 years I could well be onto something.

Their new offering Gimme Some is a mix bag in aural entertainment. Some tracks seem a bit watered down this time around, and although their sound is still as folksy as ever, the lyrics have started to get a bit dark. Gimme Some opens with "I don't think you are sorry for what you did / I know you need it and you just don't know how to quit.", closing with "I know you don't love me and I know the reason why." - Pass the Tramadol.

Despite there not being a single track comparable to 'Young Folks', the band have had a good bash at this and you can't falter Peter's John Lennon-esque vocals on tracks like 'Eyes' and 'Dig a Little Deeper'.

Listen to '(Don't Let Them) Cool off' to remember why you bought the album. If you don't like Vampire Weekend however, I'd go read a book or something.