“Forget about haircuts, forget about genres, we’re Philadelphia Grand Jury”. A rousing statement to start the show, the three piece from Miami had it in mind they were going to entertain the Guildford crowd from the offset. Obviously used to sunnier climes from their Florida home, the band said how much they’d been enjoying their massive UK tour thus far, although also mentioned that: “Yes, the weather is starting to get us down”. Having a successful DIY ethic (they’re self-funded and produce all their own material), the band have great names and an interesting aesthetic – singer Berkfinger is a mixture of Craig Finn and Drew Carey while bassist MC Bad Genius has the most impressive beard on the touring scene, alongside a sinful glare. That the two are joined by 55-year old father of four Calvin on drums makes it all the better. He has session experience alongside the likes of Earth, Wind And Fire and his enthusiasm, talent and skills all show he’s picked up some real star presence in his career. He’d start a clapalong in an empty room, looks anywhere but at his drumkit whilst playing and acts like the band cheerleader. He genuinely enjoys his role. Although he’s fascinating to watch, the others also have their own unique stage moves – Berkfinger has mastered the art of singing and playing guitar while running on the spot and MC Bad Genius just generally stalks the stage. Short, sharp and spiky songs that bring to mind the geek-punk-pop of Weezer, the tracks are full of wit and also have the inspiring stylings of Guided By Voices. Lyrics about casinos, girls, murdering people and your usual slacker routine really do strike a chord. Full of banter between songs, Berkfinger repeated the following at least four songs in a row: “We’re Philadelphia Grand Jury, you can call us The Philly Jays. This next song is the best one, my favourite one.” It didn’t take long for the audience to connect with this notion, as The Philly Jays’ fervour was contagious. Despite problems with a microphone stand falling down midway through one song, this failed to deter the band one bit. A young fan went to the front of the stage to hold it up and did receive a thanks, unlike his friend who ended up face-to-face with MC Bad Genius screaming “I’m gonna kill you dead” in his face later in the set. After a quick twenty minutes, the band started their last song and the set had seemed to fly by. However everyone in the audience was shocked as ‘I Don’t Want To Party (Party)’transformed itself from a great catchy pop song to a monster of intense noise and loud racket whilst the band entered the crowd leading a huge scream-a-long of: “I don’t want to party”. And then the highlight of the set, a grand drum solo from Calvin that delayed the band going into a brilliant cover of ’99 Problems’ which soon descended back into more shouts of “I don’t want to party”, while instruments were thrown around, bass strings snapped and everyone in the venue broke out into huge smiles. They came back out soon after to chat with everyone who’d watched them and give out free CD-Rs, they were genuinely thankful for people coming to watch. The Philly Jays might say they don’t want to party, but their concerts are full of celebration.