Label: Normal People Making Hits Release date: 17/05/10 Link: Myspace The latest single by Australian duo Philadelphia Grand Jury is certainly a tale of two different songs. Lead track ‘The Good News’ is a perfectly fine piece of summery indie-pop. The guitars jangle nicely, the keyboards help carry the melody along and, while it may not be life changing, it sounds like it should be the soundtrack for hundreds of summer beach barbeques. With second track ‘Ready To Roll, however, they appear to be trying to write their way to power-pop nirvana. It certainly ticks all of the right boxes-kicking off with a burst of buzzsaw guitars? Check. Punchy, chant-along chorus? Yep. A liberal use of handclaps in the bridge? Present. Imagine the Hives decided to replace their standard uniform of suits with a wardrobe full of Hawaiian shirts and this would be the end result. Great stuff. Photobucket