Pins are a Manchester-based four piece who, at the time of writing, have already been blogged, tweeted and retweeted about to kingdom come - which is slightly ironic given that at the time of writing, only a handful of songs by this lo-fi gloom-rock quartet have actually been released. Whether to view this as the exciting beginnings of a band that are about to go very far indeed or a depressing insight into the impossibly-fast-paced state of modern music 'churnalism' is another matter, but there's no denying it: Pins have got everybody excited.

It's not hard to see why either; the few tracks that have been floating around on the blogosphere for a while now exude an effortless cool borne out of a love for the likes of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain, but with a (whisper it) pop angle that is all of their own. Add to that the all-female four-piece's growing reputation for intense and engrossing live performances and it's little wonder that PR grunts and bloggers alike are swooning. It's encouraging then that the curiously titled LuvU4Lyf offers some substance to the already gushing Pins narrative; but not only that, it actually offers glimpses of a band who could be on the verge of something pretty special.

And what is perhaps their most special moment of all so far is the snarling title track, with Faith Holgate's vocals laying down an air of menace that continues throughout the EP. But the track's real crown jewel lies in bassist Anna Donigan's deviation just as Holgate bellows, "I would die for you and I love you for life." That the track's production values are a little rough around the edges only serves to add to the overall charm of a band that you suspect would sound best in a small, dark venue with a low ceiling.

The equally impressive 'Say To Me' is a moody garage-rocker, which takes as many of its cues from Warpaint or EMA as it does from the band's more classic influences, while the live recording of 'You Don't Need To Be' offers a reverb-laden snapshot of what to expect should Pins roll up at a venue near you anytime soon. Given that this is a band who have just signed to the ever-brilliant Bella Union label (Beach House, Explosions In The Sky, The Flaming Lips) and who seemingly have the world at their feet - hope that they do.