Artist: Pint Shot Riot Album: Holes Label: Life In The Big CIty Release date: 27/10/08 Link:  Coventry's got something new to be proud of in the form of the excitingly refreshing Pint Shot Riot. They present their latest single 'Holes' with grinding lyrics, intricate guitar riffs and good old classic influence (from bands such as The Clash, no doubt). This ecclectic mix provokes a solid first impression making it tough not to scan Myspace pages in search of further downloads from this band. Despite the fresh, honest sound Pint Shot riot gives through speakers, they're the sort of band that plays the sort of music that you want to hear loud & live. A lively band with a lot of potential to stand out, but 'Holes' does leave room for criticism in the respect that it seems as though it is trying to sound a little too rough round the edges which leaves you wondering how genuine and subtle the music written by Pint Shot Riot is. One live gig would be enjoyable, one album would suffice, but nothing to write home about-yet.