Honeys is the fourth longplayer from Philadelphia quartet Pissed Jeans, and for a band that has such an affinity with 80s hardcore and noise rock coming out of Providence, RI, this is a much more complicated beast than previous efforts. The obvious comparisons to My War-era Black Flag, Gorilla Biscuits and to an extent Misfits are still there, but the latest batch of sonic terror heralds more than just reminiscing by numbers, the band have clearly explored and expanded their tastes and ideas for what this new LP should be.

Evidence of math rock, alternative jazz and even post punk are included, yet still within songs that rarely trouble the three minute mark. Fans of Don Caballero will dig the turn-on-a-nickel drum patterns, a mutant variant of Battles and Dillinger Escape Plan after a heavy nights drinking. Guitar parts, more evolved, veering between almost motorik riffing and sparse open passages, combine with the foreboding bass to create a more involved and enveloping sound; 'Cafeteria Food' for example being a menacing, brooding slab of gloom punk.

But the original scuzzy garage sound is still in effect, the production, although consistently great and complementing the songs, still sounds vintage without being a fucking cliché, 'Something About Mrs Johnson' an eighty two second noise piece, sounds like it was recorded on an 80s tape cassette deck.

For me, this is a fucking brilliant continuum in the evolution of a band that shows the past presents the future.