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Hannah Rodgers, aka Pixx, released her debut EP Fall In back at the end of August. The 19-year-old's music is indicative of a young artist still coming out of her shell. Although, she is no stranger when it comes to crafting music. She goes to The BRIT School, a respected performing arts college. What she learns there will serve her obvious natural talent well.

Like any young artist, it is apparent she is still growing into her true self. As a 4-track EP, Fall In plays it safe. That is not meant as a harsh critique, merely an observation. Ms. Rodgers' voice is warm and immediately invites the listener in for a nice cup of tea by the fire. Her voice reflects the smooth stylings of a bygone era (which is fitting considering Pixx was her grandmother's nickname). It is subtle with substantial roots. The music is expansive electronic dream pop. There is a haze that settles in the cracks of the songs. As a listener, you get comfortable and ready for a journey... but unfortunately, you don't go very far.

The soundscapes of her songs are a reflection of where she is from. Her biography says she hails from Chipstead, "just beyond the fringes of south London where suburban sprawl starts to break in to countryside." Suburban angst and placid country are tightly woven in the album, but she never takes it to the next step. She is walking the narrow line separating New Age and Past. She decides to play it safe, hunkering down somewhere in the middle instead of investigating new neighborhoods or the valley beyond the hills.

This is not to say her songs aren't well crafted. On 'A Way To Say Goodbye', silky vocals are met with dissonance, sparse beats, and a grumbling bass. Then the chorus blooms with piano and a kind of R&B swagger and gently goes back to the haunting vibe of the opening verse. With lyrics like, "Oh young child, don't take it on yourself/ Let the silence fill the gaps left by someone else," and, "All my life I looked for things I can undo." Her grasp of poetry is commendable.

And while the other songs are good in and of themselves, as an EP, you start to find yourself wandering off, not in. The songs are all on the same level when it comes to rhythm and, most importantly, dynamics.

With all this said, Pixx is an artist to keep your ears peeled for. Ms. Rodgers, while playing it safe on Fall In, still shows she is a talented singer and lyricist. There is an honesty to her vocals that can't be faked. With years still left in school, she has plenty of time to hone her craft and absorb all she can from experience. I am excited to see when she finally takes flight.

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