PJ Harvey has been releasing songs from Let England Shake out in bits and pieces before the big release on the 14th of February. 'The Words that Maketh Murder' is the lead single, and I suspect it would have been more of a shock to the system if we hadn't already been blessed with 'Let England Shake' live on The Andrew Marr Show, which is an even weirder tune.

It's absolutely astonishing how much her music has changed and grown over the years; there is nothing about the new single that even comes close the melancholy cynicism that characterizes her earlier work. There's a Girl Talk style mash-up sensibility now that just screams fun.

While I never had any doubt that PJ Harvey was capable of making catchy radio singles ('Good Fortune' put to rest any worry on that front), I am continually amazed at how she can growand evolve without betraying what her core fans have always loved, strong voice, strong lyrics, and a whole lot of attitude. Now we get all this, and big band trumpets too. And surprise of surprises, there's a 'Material Girl' style male chorus popping up in the middle of the song.

Its unpredictable to say the least. If archaeologists discover this record centuries in the future devoid of all its labelling, I feel confident in saying that they will spend hours wondering what decade this song came from, and still not come to any definitive conclusion. That's a testament to how well the song comes together, how unexpectedly it progresses, and to PJ Harvey's own quirky genius. It's been a while since her last record, but if the first few songs are any indication, the new album is going to be brilliant.