Venue: The Lexington, London Date: 05/08/10 You would have had this magnificent Montreal band down as the headliners for this gig. As they were on before Pablo Díaz-Reixa's exotic, raving El Guincho however, Plants and Animals were given just a short slot to rock the upstairs bar and did so to a headliner's standards. Given their ability to transcend to and from the mellow and the energetic with such haste and ease, it made no difference whether they had played for half an hour or an hour and a half. Playing 'New Kind of Love' and 'Good Friend' to begin their set, they made it all appear effortless, yet powerful, packed with soulful crescendos that could absorb the audience and accentuate the high feeling that comes with Plants and Animals' music. As a trio they were able also to summon the same atmosphere and presence as the many wind and string instruments, which feature on their records, with just their guitars and drums. 'Faerie Dance' for example, as their penultimate song, carried the spirit of a mini orchestra. For those seven or eight minutes, they showed the full capabilities of a three-piece rock band. It was mostly a treat to hear songs from La La Land, which we non-Canadians must wait until September for the pleasure of ordering, although considering the band have a different way for playing everything live to on record, these songs that I heard will be brand new ones in their own right compared to what I listen to in a month's time. That is of course, the most pleasurable thing of listening to Plants and Animals live, and what all great live bands achieve; something that varies from the sound of a studio setting and the ability to use circumstances of a live situation to play a truly spectacular set.