As sub-genres go, Australian psychedelic dance music might not get your heart racing straight away but, and I cannot believe how low I am about to stoop, in the words of Coldplay (I know, even I’m scared at my knowledge of Coldplay lyrics); "if you never try, you’ll never know" and it is with this in mind that I give you Soft Universe, the third album springing from the wandering minds of Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes, also known as Pnau. ‘I’ve heard of these people before!’ I hear you cry, and you’d be right, for Nick and Peter also spend their lives in the heavily costumed and ever-so-wonderful world of Empire Of The Sun.

Pnau have been hard at work since their last self-titled release in 2008 that saw them taken under the wing of Elton John a man who has lent some much treasured shine to Soft Universe. A shine most easily heard on album opener 'Solid Ground', an eventual build into the bright new universe that Pnau have granted us entry to. Any track titled 'Epic Fail' is bound to be worth a listen and it does not defer from the notion of fun that is invoked by its title.

Just when you begin to yearn for an unforgiving ode to the 80s, 'The Truth' arrives in your ears at 100 miles an hour, its pulsating synth line penetrating your stream of consciousness and gleaming in front of your eyes with contagiously uplifting nuances that would make anyone want to spontaneously combust in a flash of bright red paint. But unfortunately, what follows on from 'The Truth' is the considerably murkier and moodier 'Glimpse'. It’s as if someone has taken away the colour and strobes of the previous track and locked them in a cupboard marked ‘no entry’ and the reckless momentum of the album suffers somewhat as a result of this.

Pnau’s style of dance music was all the rage a few years back but has seen a gradual decline in the genres trailblazers such as MGMT leaving behind a fan-base that longs for pure psychedelic envelopment. But as Soft Universe demonstrates, there is a rainbow coloured disco light at the end of the tunnel.