Label: How Does It Feel Website: Buy: Pocketbooks The word Twee does not have the best associations. It is the jokes of Des O’Connor, Bagpuss, a deflated Space Hopper, tourist souvenirs from tourist hotspots, and when it is applied to music, it is the music of MOR country bands, tribute bands playing music as if the 1960’s never happened. It is this halcyon time that is reflected in the music of Pocketbooks, and their newest release Flight Paths. It is sunny pop music, with sunny lyrics. It is not the Smith’s, who’s lighter poppy concoctions hid the troubled world view of Smiths. The Brass parts on the album has the warmth of a Brass Band, rather than the raucous power of the Brass sections on Soul Bands. The group, led by Emma Hall, with her pleasing Kirsty McColl like timbre, and co-singer Andy Hudson have put a lot of thought into the arrangements, although a bit more distinction between the songs would have made for a better album. It is easy to make comparisons to groups such as Belle and Sebastian, but Pocketbooks play more genres, from the piano led pop of ‘Footsteps’ and ‘The Outskirts of Town’ mixing with the pseudo blues chord structure of ‘Skating on Thin Ice’ The Indie kids would probably only see the pop sheen of the album, but fans of good music, who wanted something like the Carpenters,or similar bands, there is something to like here. Rating: 7/10