“We can play this fucking noise until we drive you crazy!” shouts Jerry A. into the mic during a break between tracks for a listener-sponsored KBOO radio live session. You have to believe him.

Poison Idea's reputation as a formidable hardcore punk band playing raw fast thrash and screaming out fatalistic lyrics, grew out of their near-legendary live shows which would feature band members eating coins, pissing in mouths, carving symbols into their skin, wrapping mic cords around audience members and hoisting them up in the air, before destroying stages, livers and grey matter.

Formed in Portland in the early 1980's, Poison Idea were heavily influenced by bands such as The Germs - naming their 1982 demo after original Germs singer Darby Crash – and Black Flag, both bands at the forefront of the West Coast hardcore punk assault. The messages of DIY culture and non-conformity drew the young Jerry A., Chris Tense, Glen Estes and Dean Johnson in, and before too long the band were part of the ranks, embracing the nihilistic and manic lifestyle: all cheap wine, speed and no record deal or distributor.

Estes was eventually replaced by guitarist Tom 'Pig Champion' Roberts, whose insatiable appetite for alcohol, drugs and junk food led to his weight ballooning to thirty-five stone and ultimately an untimely death at the age of forty-seven in 2006 – it's sad to think he ran out of time before the re-release of early recordings that helped secure the band's name and notoriety.

Darby Crash Rides Again – The Early Years, remastered by Jack Control, is the first of many Poison Idea recordings lined up for CD release by Southern Lord Records and vinyl by TKO Records, with The Fatal Erection Years (Pick Your King/Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes), War All The Time, Ian Mackaye, Feel The Darkness, We Must Burn and Last Will & Testament all planned to follow.

The audio quality of the thirty tracks on this first release varies between cutlery-in-a-waste-disposal-unit and decent multi-tracking depending on the cut – demo, studio or live. And if the majority, at two minutes in length or under, are short, the sheer frenetic, angry and urgent energy contained within them more than compensates; sonic machine gun bursts with a Magnum .44 duct-taped to the top for good measure.

Content on Darby Crash... includes the previously unheard 'Boners Kitchen' demo, out-of-print tracks, a live radio recording and out-takes and while there is some repetition of tracks, the different levels of sound quality, radio session banter, decent liner notes and photos on a seminal US band who reached cult status for their anti-straight edge stance.

What Poison Idea took from early Californian punk and hardcore culture, they in turn gave to the next generation of SoCal musicians and artists. Vocalists such as Sublime's Brad Nowell, Machine Head's Robb Flynn and Operation Ivy's Jesse Michaels can be heard in Jerry A. Napalm Death, Sepultura, Nirvana, Pantera (who covered PI's The Badge on The Crow soundtrack) and many other bands spanning thrash, rock, metal, punk and hardcore owe their dues to the coin-eating, dont-give-a-fuck intensity of Poison Idea. So, if you're a Gallows or Cancer Bats fan and want to pay some back, or the idea of Henry Rollins' current spoken word tour just doesn't cut it in the nostalgia stakes...well, you know what to do - for Jerry, Pig Champion and the boys too.