Constantly flitting between genres and projects, from the dreamlike krautpop he records as Panda Bear to the fiery rock-jazz he plays with Acoustic Ladyland, Seb Rochford is a unique presence in music. He's an afro sporting, music worshipping geek supreme, and even if I didn't think too much of Person Pitch, I've still got to respect the man. I can't help but envy his prolific, focused and passionate nature, the bastard. This time, he's decided to make, quite simply, a damn fine modern jazz album. There's none of the brimstone or unrestrained dynamics of Skinny Grin here, this is cerebral night time jazz. The delightful, affecting saxophone melodies that breathe warmth into each track emerge slowly, revealing more and more of their depth, from a rolling groove of double bass, Rochford's skittering drums and the electronic atmospherics of Leafcutter John. Within the basic jazz setup, however, Polar Bear achieve incredible variety across this lengthy, exhaustive album. 'Tomlovesalicelovestom,' enters with swinging drums, and a lovely rising saxophone melody that reinforces itself, melts away beautifully into electronic morass, then manages to return, struggling through. 'Goodbye,' is all clicks and taps underneath, the brass strolling into a melancholic harmony that devolves, becoming manic rasps of the horns, and finally falls into nothing. 'Woollen Blanket' has a stubborn old man for a bass line, with breathy trumpet and comical squeeky effects. 'Brian' begins as another wonderful jazz number, tunes intertwining to a finger-clicking rhythm, but halfway through it all just disappears, the track instead turning to a loping double-bass tune, with tactile sounds and a gorgeous female voice lamenting over the top. The production here is excellent, it feels so close, like she's singing in the room with you. Each piece, in fact, is a little journey, moving through multiple phases that sometimes return and sometimes evaporate forever. It's a long way to travel, the album's fourteen tracks exceed seventy-five minutes, and it has taken me many listens to absorb. But it's charms are everywhere, at each turn there are more melodies and ideas than many bands have in their careers. They're hidden sometimes, but they are there. If you follow Rochford on this epic stroll, you will be rewarded with a perfectly balanced tension between homely warmth and unsettling atmosphere, as well as an awful lot of pleasure.