It makes sense to start off by saying it exactly as it is. Pombagira's latest offering is everything you'd expect from a one-track forty-minute-plus album by a band who go under the psychedelic rock banner. Following very standard conventions, Pombagira manage to create something delightful. Delightful because you can honestly give this album a miss, and truly just imagine what it is like through my following description of it, for you.

The piece is broken into two sections. The first part lasts around twenty minutes, and here we are entertained with rumbling, uninspiring guitar chords and the half-whine, half-guttural yell of vocalist Pete Hamilton-Giles. I'm sure I heard, 'Iconoclast Dream' spoken somewhere in the first twenty minute melee that ensues, but would not be willing to bet that I didn't actually hear Hamilton-Giles say, 'I wanna ice cream.' Either way, powerful stuff. The second half offers a slightly more tuneful response to the first half, but repeats itself without inspiration once again within a few minutes. The pace changes, it speeds up again, and we're sure we heard this before either a couple of minutes ago, or a number of years ago, by a band who were doing this sort of thing an awful lot better.

The last few minutes encompass random samples which no doubt add to the meaning of the whole piece which the majority of listeners will never understand. In this section you will hear the word 'Vietnam' said a few times. I imagine this bit is really important.

Perhaps I haven't been fair to this album, but whilst I'm treading this line, it's also worth saying that this album has some extremely shoddy production going on. All throughout the instruments used sound completely distanced from each other, and this means that whenever the song seeks to change it's pacing at any time, it always comes off as extremely muddled.

In conclusion, Pombagira have released a new song called 'Iconoclast Dream'. That I'm sure of. Why have they released this new song? No idea.