Release date: 15/03/10 Website: Myspace Opening with breezy, reverb-washed guitars and a megaphone vocal somewhere between David Byrne and Win Butler, this single – the titles track from Pomegranates 2009 album – set itself up early as a bit of a "pop gem". With melody and fun layered on in equal measures there's something that sets 'Everybody Come Outside' apart from just another indie-pop single; even with its tight, urgent rhythms and screeching guitar lines like, "When you look through the trees and see the sun it brings you to your knees" are delivered with a sincerity which something more throw-away would lack. With this atmosphere and delivery there's a lot here to be compared with the sort of washed-out indie pop being delivered from the continent by the likes of The Shout Out Louds. Over analysing aside, there's no denying that this is an infectious slice of hooky, blissful, exuberant guitar pop. Photobucket