Artist: Pope Joan Album: Hot Water Lines & Rickety Machines Release Date: 8th September 2008 Label: OIB Records Link: Heres my track by track run down of the debut album by avant-pop 4-piece Pope Joan titled Hot Water Lines & Rickety Machines. No TV:  The first single from the record and funnily enough we've reviewed it already so head here to read it! 49 Years Time: Falling on a back drop of Casio/Nintendo bleeps, this song really disappoints and showcases their biggest flaw, repetitions. For a song that barely makes the two and half minute mark I still myself wishing it would end sooner. At times Mark's (Vocals/Guitar) vocals can get a bit too much but generally they're kept under wraps but for some reason he's been cut free from his chains only to sound a bit, mmm, annoying. A Length Of String: After the rather disappointing '49 Years Time' Pope Joan throw me another curve ball with 'A Length Of String' which has to be one of my highlight of this 8 track record. It sound eerily like something Yeah Yeah Yeah's would do with that drum beat or even Bloc Party. More songs like this would ultimately make Pope Joan less original but probably much better. Nothing Is Too Much: Another good song which shares the same sort of aggression in the guitars that Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeah's) often displays. Which isn't bad at all. It's a very cynical song which talks about the greedy world we live in but with the added bonus of being quite a catchy song. "There's always a boat that is bigger to note or a vessel of vaster value, we want more until we're sick" Our Cuisine: Another example of why a producer needs to cut things out of a track. Though to be fair, at two minutes in length it's kind of hard to cut anything without turning into a 30 second punk band. Maybe that's what they should do? It's The Same As When You Asked Me The Last Time: This is about the only repetitive songs from them that i can handle as the chorus has a great feel about it. Like when i was a young teenager going to tiny pubs to see friends bands playing. It just has that feeling about it. "You said something to the effect of some things don't change and some things don't change". An Alternate Route To The End: This is the most frustrating song o the record because i know exactly what they could have created if they had thought about it more. It's essentially a build up son with no punch line. It really needed to have some sort of epic element to it but it just teetered off into a black hole and ended. Shame because it would have been the highlight of the record had they done that. Pocket Of Change: If every song on this record was as good as this i would be handing out hyperbole like "Band to watch" or "Incredible, Incredible, Incredible" but unfortunately it's left as the proverbial diamond in the rough. Great chorus and the band finally come together to create a cohesive sound. It sounds huge. What a great ending to the album. Overview: What really makes the album falter for me is the repetitive nature of their songs. They tend to get into a groove and just stick with it, both musically and lyrically, until the song has ended. I often got the impression that every song could have been distilled into half the time and i would still have the same outlook on each song as i do now. The reason why i didn't give it a lower score was down to the potential of a lot of the songs. I like the way a lot of the songs sound, especially on 'It's The Same As When You Asked Me The Last Time' and 'Pocket Of Change' . It's just a shame they didn't work that little bit harder to create something a bit more special. Rating 6.5/10