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Tropical birds tweet around plucking synths as Night Safari opens, the first LP in six years from Populous - aka Andrea Mangia - on Bad Panda, an ambitious project that incorporates found sounds, field recordings and collaborations with other artists, all noticeably drawing on a number of different regional influences and electronic genres.

You'll notice bits of electro-flecked Tumblr pop on the collaboration with Cuushe or Honey with Iokoi. Tribal singing begins 'Vu (with Clap! Clap!)', which then flirts with footwork before plunging into chunkier, more typically dance-y territory. 'Dead Sea' is an ambient affair that occasionally borders on instrumental grime. Off-beat snares drag 'Quad Boogie' through a baile funk approximation. 'Agadez' feat DJ Khalab is strong and bassy and it's the highlight of the record, and then, out of nowhere, oh my god, it's a Samba band.

There's no questioning Mangia's range or ability or technical nous, but he packs so much into this LP it's kind of disorienting and tiring. When Night Safari does come to a close, the feeling's akin to listening to a small handful of EPs of above-average- quality, mixed up in one playlist, running on shuffle, forever.

That's not to say Night Safari is bad. It's really pretty good. But true to Populous' intentions, the LP doesn't quite belong - the LP flits hyperactively from continent to continent like a crazed, planet-spanning race with no beginning or end.

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