Porcelain Raft is the mysterious creation of a one-man multi-instrumentalist called Mauro Remiddi. Based and recorded in London, 'Tip Of Your Tongue’ is Porcelain Raft's latest single, a soaring, dreamy, echoey assortment of samples and loops that's an absolute delight to listen to. These aren'€™t computer noises however – these are well-written keyboard and guitar lines that are skilfully woven together into something that sounds like it’s being played by a whole band. Unlike most artists who record this type of music, Remiddi'€™s music really is as good live as it is on record.

Mention should also be made B-side '€˜Despite Everything'€™. More mournful in comparison to the thumping energy that drives '€˜Tip Of Your Tongue forward'€™, here we see Remiddi use effects and distortion to create something truly beautiful.

It may be short (both tracks are only just over three minutes long) but it is definitely sweet. Avoiding the temptation to over-complicate things and obsess over detail, the music of Porcelain Raft focuses as much on the lyrics as the instruments and creates something that’s actually more similar to a conventional band than your typical one-man producer.