I lived in Barcelona for over a year but never went to check out Primavera Sound Festival, probably the biggest regret from my time in the Catalan capital. It was time to make up for that. A festival based in a city that has the best of both worlds, the hustle and bustle of the centre, but with the tranquillity of beach. Once you land in Barcelona, you instantly become more relaxed. Nothing happens at the right time, everyone is late, but it doesn't matter. Everything is calm, or like they say - tranquilo.

The area of Parc Del Forum for the festival is normally taken over by skaters and BMXers. Long and winding, you’re never sure what’s around the corner in this area. Located on the waterfront, it's not a park in the sense of greenery. But the area is spacious with a modern feel.

Thursday was a delight to get into the site, queued for about 2-3 minutes for entry, and no queues for drinks - something that English festivals should take note on. Danny Brown was playing at the Ray Ban stage, which has the look of an amphitheatre, perfect for chilling out on the steps and watching the set from afar. Or the option to join in with the mosh pits for the Detroit rapper was available. The way he can go from so squeaky and high pitched to a heavy metal deep voice is exciting and scary at the same time.

Mac DeMarco brought his charm and humour to the stage. Some of the tracks from his latest album Here Comes The Cowboy also sounded better live, with the help of some crowd involvement. Mac and his band made jokes throughout the set, whether he was making fun of other festivals (Coachella) or doing rolly pollies along stage, it was a perfect way to enjoy the last bit of sunlight in a light environment.

Nas was the biggest surprise of the weekend. He is obviously one of the most respected artists in the rap game, but old rappers can be genuinely boring to watch. This being said, he brought the energy throughout. He’s one of those artists who you forget has so many hits. Whether he was using Beethoven or Eurythmics instrumentals, Nas kept the crowd on their toes throughout. A walk to Primavera Bits followed; the dance area where a luminous climbing frame that changes colour hangs above the DJ set, something quite mesmerising whilst listening to the up-beat sounds of Denis Sulta, who impressed.

Erykah Badu was fascinating as ever as she rattled through the classics whilst sporting a huge hat. Once you come from a dance area into the mellow sounds of Badu, it can take some time to adjust, but she really does live up to her name; ‘On & On’ sounded even better live.  Afterwards, Future played on the opposite stage. There’s a huge trap following in Spain, and in particular in Barcelona, and this definitely showed with the size of the crowd. Coming out to the sounds of ‘Codeine Crazy’, the Atlanta rapper never stopped moving throughout the set, neither did his 3 backup dancers who followed his every move; I think most people spent more time watching them than Future.

On Friday, there weren’t as many acts that took my fancy in the day, this made for a good opportunity to walk round the whole festival site. With 10 stages over a large space, it could be easy to not see all the venues. The stages next to the water were mesmerising with a cool breeze from being next to the sea, but the only stage that was based inside was the most interesting. The Heineken stage as you went through the doors had a green mist that followed all the way inside. The look of a bar but with the feeling of a pub, only the smaller acts played here it seemed.

Miley Cyrus replaced Cardi B, who had pulled out a month earlier. The artist showed why she’s such a top performer, with a new album pending, a lot of the music was new and unheard. ‘Party In The USA’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ had the whole crowd joining in, but I couldn’t hack the whole hour. At the Primavera stage, Low were playing slow and progressive sounds, this had the feeling of what the origins of the festival were aimed at. Unlike the sounds of Miley.

AJ Tracey played by the water; the Ladbroke Grove rapper is a character, but it didn't feel like his heart was in this performance, minor technical difficulties in the middle might have taken him off his stride. But playing your favourite tracks from different artists shouldn’t be needed after releasing a 17-track album a couple months previous.

The popular Spanish trap presence was playing from the Adidas Stage with La Zowi. Possibly the strangest performance of the festival, the rapper turned up on stage with two strippers. Throughout the set she showered them with water and alcohol whilst showing her fair share of seductive moves. Highly sexual and lots of fun.

Joy Orbison displayed his talent over at Primavera Bits, it seems the guy never has a bad day when he plays. Afterwards, for sunrise, Peggy Gou played through into Saturday morning in a fantastic setting, the South Korean DJ has gained a cult following over the past year, shown by the size of the crowd.

Saturday brought one of the most anticipated sets came from Rosalía, the Catalan star put Flamenco in the limelight and with it being an international festival, all the Spaniards came to support their star. Everyone stood in astonishment as she went through tracks from El Mal Querer, whilst a James Blake appearance joined for ‘Barefoot in The Park’ – overall a set to leave hairs standing.

Solange put on a memorable performance, both chilling and fun, with dancing sequences with her great dancers to match her vocals, overall, very entertaining. Afterwards James Blake came back onto the stage with what was an epic performance, his new album Assume Form sounding even better live. Slowthai brought his high energy, before turning it onto the stage, as he trashed the whole of it with his hype man. I wouldn't expect anything less from the rapper with his punk tendencies.

On the last day, the crowd had grown to its biggest, and now that Primavera’s starting a new edition America in 2020, it just shows how far the small indie festival has come over the last 20 years. Whilst the rest of the city runs at its own time, Primavera was meticulous with planning. It’s the first major festival that rules a new 50:50 gender split manifesto. A celebration of female talent, whether it was Christine and The Queens delivering a set full of surprises or FKA Twigs enchanting the stage with sword fighting and pole-dancing. Talent was beaming. A model festival to others and long may it continue.