Put your headphones on and turn it up loud. Immerse yourself in the wonderful sound that is Trust Now: the fourth studio album from sister-duo Prince Rama.


This energetic record sees the girls, Taraka and Nimai Larson (after the departure of formal guitarist and vocalist Michael Collins) take on more playing-duties, and personally, they haven’t sounded better. Album opener ‘Rest In Peace’ is already a contender to be the best track (though there’s sadly not much to choose from). It opens with (probably the most unexpected reference coming up) vocals, which wouldn’t be a stranger to that of a Primal Scream song, circa Screamadelica. However this is as far as it goes as the song pounds into huge, zestful drums and then nothing but a solitary voice, setting the bar for the witch-like songs that are to emerge on the rest of the record.

It’s hard to tell when next song ‘Summer of Love’ begins. Actually, it’s pretty difficult to distinguish when any of them begin and finish, but in the best way possible; it helps with the sense of ritualism the record does more than evoke, as there’s no time for breaks and reflection until the end. ‘Summer of Love’ begins with twinkling chimes, leading up to billowing, haunting vocals. In true Prince Rama style, the song enters into sudden beats and rhythmic chanting.


Upon first listen, and indeed with several more, it is not surprising to learn that the Larson sisters grew up in a Hare Krishna temple, providing many of their influences. As well as their clear East Indian influences, the tribal sense of rituals cannot be ignored. This album is huge, with spectacularly rich sounds, bordering on psychedelia. ‘Portaling’ especially sounds like that of a sacrifice ritual, with echoing, spellbinding vocals.


The record finishes with ‘Golden Silence’ proving a magnificent end to the album. The harmonizing voices of the sisters mix well with organs and synth sounds, and is the most mellifluous; potentially a tactful positioning, easing the reader out of what was just a full-on, yet fantastic album.