Words by Charlotte Foster Image by Juice 126, Part2ism, REMI/ROUGH and SYSTEM - ‘Prophet or Pro£it’ This show seems almost an eclectic bunch of works which managed to work very well together just out of coincidence. Like the London streets outside of the gallery, in the way that the walls are covered in graffiti and litter but somehow it all works and masses of photographers go around taking photos of it and put the photos in gallery exhibitions. However, although it seems like it just haphazardly fits together; it has obviously been thought about and planned in great detail. The show has a very 90’s and urban feel. It all looks very raw and fresh-fresh in a dirty way. The title of the show itself is especially reminiscent of the contemporary urban theme. It sounds like lyrics you would expect to hear from Skinnyman or someone around like him at the moment. All the Artists in this show are graffiti Artists. Part2ism and Juice 126 are two graffiti Artists, and the other two Artists SYSTEM and REMI/ROUGH also use spray paint and graffiti but are more abstract. Part2ism, reminds me of the infamous Banksy, but with a more cynical and darker edge. The spray paintings of naked women with gas masks, which you will recognise from the tubes, make you think ‘Oh I’ve seen them before’ so it’s surprisingly satisfying to find out who has been behind all that work. JUICE126’s work is pretty much average graffiti. The stuff you expect to see when you think Artistic graffiti; angry faces, machines and war, but spray painted well. SYSTEM’s work is interesting because of the use of metallic colours. And splashed all around are works by REMI/ROUGH. Go if you like graffiti.