Label: Transgressive Release date: 14/06/10 Myspace The title of this single is a perfect summation of the sound: adolescent over-excitement that can only be vented through some clever osmosis of swearing, ineloquently rendered positive responses and a whole lot of screaming. Built on a slick, funky guitar riff that sounds like a midway point between Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, periodic bursts of noise that could pass for Nirvana or Pixies or both and punctuated by animalistic howling that sounds like someone accidentally opened a doorway into hell and heard all the lost souls complaining about how hot it is down there. All good elements so its unsurprising that the end product should be so effortlessly enjoyable and catchy, well worth jerked head movements that can lead to neck or temple pains. Its difficult to determine what the vocals are about but they seem to reflect some of the fevered emotion expressed in the title but either way there isn't much time to stop and contemplate before the screaming starts again. But yo, go listen to 'Dust In The Wind' by Kansas if you're looking to reflect, then listen to this if you want to rock out! Both have their uses, and this is as fine a rocking out aid as any, so well done them. Photobucket