For all of the allure that Puro Instinct's debut Headbangers in Ecstasy hinted at, it was an album that felt strangely indistinct. The problem wasn't the low budget production so much as it was the atmosphere working against itself. Once you peeled away all of the dense humid layers, there wasn't anything all that intriguing or even memorable lurking beneath the fog. Their long overdue follow-up Autodrama looks to set things straight, and it succeeds.

The sound is decadent, and stripped of some of the reverb, the music is given greater room to flourish while retaining just enough of its hazy warmth. 'Tell Me' is pure shimmering dream pop that has rightfully earned a few Madonna comparisons; 'Peccavi' and 'Six Of Swords' sees the siblings moving into sleek bubbling '80s-inspired synth pop, and the plodding 'End Of An Era' is especially melancholic but gorgeous.

The Kaplans emerge from the brighter surroundings sounding more confident than before, and their harmonies add a kind of haunting lushness to the songs. Their take on their influences may seem straight-forward, but Autodrama exudes confidence and the kind of allure that Headbangers lacked, making this an enjoyable and rewarding experience to immerse yourself in.