Q Acoustics have established quite the reputation for producing affordable speakers of high quality - the 1000 and 1000i set the benchmark high, and then also with the award winning speakers from this series, the 2020.

Here we have the 2020i, the 'i' standing for improvement wouldn't you know; but how do you improve something held in such high regard? That's the challenge faced here, and it's a challenge Q Acoustics have conquered.

The 2020i comes with a choice of three colours, the classic black, wooden and white finish. Improvement wise the features are a new multi-layer cone tweeter for the bass driver, where carbon fibre is used which is a first for the series from Q Acoustics. A revised crossover also adds to the new set-up with the theory that hugely low levels of distortion will be found, alongside a clean bass and top-end performance.

This theory is wholly evidence in practice and thus whatever type or genre of music played results in a crisp, clean sound. Put on something with a wild dynamic range such as the work of Ben Frost, or British Sea Power's 'Man of Aran' soundtrack and the nuances in the oh-so quiet parts will be heard like you may not have noticed before, whilst the ear-crushing loud and epic parts of which these albums build to sound incredibly rich and satisfying. Be it acoustic, minimal techno of all-out elecrto you will not be disappointed - the melange of electronica sounds in the work of Actress have never sounded so good.

Another bonus is the rear-firing port where the terminals for wires are found. Consequently this means that the speakers can fit snugly against the wall as these panles with the terminals are effectively on the base of the speaker. Ideally you'd have a bit of space between the speaker and the wall, but the difference in sound quality is so minimal it's hardly worth griping with. They can be mounted on the wall too - we tested them here on a shelf as they're small enough to fit (hence the name right?). Build quality-wise is superb also.

Measurements are 170 x 265 x 278mm and weigh just 5kg. For the price (retailed at just under £150 in most places) you are very unlikely to do any better. Astonishing quality.