Label:Cuckundoo Records Release date: 10/05/10 Link: Myspace After gathering some buzz online, Leeds-based Quack Quack release their debut album, Slow as an eyeball. This first outing is a mixture of quite a few genres, but still sounding consistently throughout as the same band. You could not tell that from the first song, 'Perpetual spinach', an indie ditty that goes into jazz for a few moments, a foreboding move for what is yet to come. This happens again on ‘D motherfucker D’, which starts with a harpsichord-like sound that prevails for the whole song, jumping from the baroque to a jangly, cheeky drum and bass, back and forth. Sounds strange, but still, it works. There does not seem to be a particular genre the Quack Quack gang sticks to. Even during a song, the mood goes from jazz to progressive (with a bit of ambient in between). ‘Three’ is part of this mishmash nature of music, which strangely works pretty well. It shouldn't, but it does. This contradiction is the nature of their sound. Two things have to be mentioned about the sound of Quack Quack, and these two things are probably the only constant throughout Slow As An Eyeball : the bass playing is simply fantastic and the atmosphere feels like a crime film from the 70s. There have been a few mentions (also online) about the good quality of the bass playing. The other instruments do a pretty fine job too. 'Toc H' is a great moment for drums to shine, with some cool rolls and syncopated rhythms. 'Cakes are easy', well, sure they are, but playing this stuff on keyboard? Not so. Again, jazzy atmosphere, chord doodling and manic time signatures are the tricks swaggered around. If Slow As An Eyeball is any indication, a live show by Quack Quack has to be pretty entertaining (especially if there are people in polyester leisure suits with handlebar moustaches). Make no mistake about it, as cheesy as it might sound, the album does pack quite a wallop. Just as a last note; people shouldn’t get their underwear in a twist about their name. Who cares about the band’s name as long as they are making good music? Photobucket