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There’s something about Ra Ra Riot that I can’t quite put my finger on. Something that makes them seem like they should have a special place in my heart, like they should be the most important thing. So with their latest missive spinning on repeat on my stereo, it seems odd that I feel so indifferent to it. ‘Ghost under Rocks’ is by no means bad, it’s just not amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

Sure, it starts strongly with the rumbling bass of Mathieu Santos mixed with Rebecca Zeller’s pizzicato violin but it just doesn’t really go anywhere after that, more just plods along in a pleasant, inoffensive manner with the only real highlight coming a minute in from the end when it briefly turns into a beautiful, gentle call and response between frontman Wesley Miles and cellist/backing vocalist Alexandra Lawn. The moment is over too soon though and it’s back to the same old disappointing, could-do-better going-through-the-motions feel.