I didn’t know much about Raccoo-oo-oon, other than my housemate liked them which meant they’d probably be noisy in some way and I liked their name.

The album, much like Oneida’s release from earlier this year Pre-teen Weaponry, is more like one single song stretched out over 75 minutes than it is a collection of songs. It slowly builds from a fractured beat into a ever changing and shifting collage of drums and jarring guitar. Occasionally the band find a groove that they are happy with and stick to that for a few minutes before they allow the music to devolve again, whipping up into a frenzy of chants and primeval sounds the songs often float around for a long time before they find their hook again.

While I didn’t dislike the album, a lot of it is thoroughly enjoyable, especially when walking through a park on a winters day the music seems to come alive more, I did find parts of it ‘difficult’ as the parts which are genuinely recognisable as music are few and far between.

Raccoo-oo-oon are definitely doing interesting things with their sound and I think that to catch them live would certainly be an experience that I would want to have.