It’s surprising that when I go onto Radar Eyes’ page that they have 126 listeners because they have the sound of a ‘2k10 buzz band’ in Hipster Runoff terms. Radar Eyes make American lo-fi garage rock that hides behind walls of distortion. On their Facebook they say; “On a good day, we’re garage rock. On a bad day, we’re psychedelic. Or, is that the other way around?” and that’s exactly what you get with this two track offering. It’s interesting that in a time when record label backing and press is so important, Radar Eyes are a completely DIY band and their booking and press contacts are in fact members of the band.

What follows up this DIY aesthetic is two songs that fit the ‘lo-fi’ bill. ‘Miracle’ sounds like you’d imagine Surfer Blood to in their early days when they hadn’t learnt how to use the distortion and reverb to create delectable surf pop tunes. It’s much the same of many bands that have gone before them and no doubt, future bands will continue to apply the lo-fi sound and not learn from previous mistakes. Both ‘Miracle and ‘Me and My Dogs’ are perfectly listenable pieces of lo-fi pop but neither come off as imaginative and sound dated after only a couple of listens.