Label: GOLD ROBOT RECORDS/STUMPARUMPER Website: Who the f**k are Railcars? First, it’s a ‘is’, not a ‘are’: Aria Jalali leads that ship alone, from nowhere (actually, he’s from California, I just wanted to add a dramatic tone). And he does it pretty well, so far. Photobucket His first EP, Cities vs Submarines, recorded in 2008 with the help of Jamie Stewart (of Xiu Xiu’s fame) – in the said Jamie’s kitchen apparently, is full of little chemical lullabies. Enlightened by the particular lo-fi production, some stories like the dark ‘saints are waiting for me (outside my door)’ or the interlude ‘through the trees lay smoketacks’ both deserve a mention, when ‘concrete buildings’ is clearly a hit, to class between No Age and Wavves. Best ten minutes of your life? Wait till you hear Cathedral With No Eyes. Photobucket This second effort, released late 2009 (remember 2009?), is maybe more like a concept album, sometimes complex, definitely tougher than his previous material. No obvious track here, but juxtapositions of textures and sounds (‘Passion of St Edmund (rebirth)’), and a sonic journey through the mind of a young and complete artist (‘Cathedral With No Eye’). It would be wise to advice you to see these two EPs (and their artworks) as an only entity. Welcome on board.