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Rainy Milo's long-awaited debut album This Thing Of Ours has such a timeless jazzy vibe that it feels like it's been here for years. She has a voice that you'll swear you've heard before, but who is this girl? At the ripe age of 19, one wonders what the story of this intriguing South-east Londoner could possibly be. All we seem to know is that she's a British school dropout, but this album proposes that maybe she should be teaching our classes instead because she's got that life knowledgeable.

With trip-hop and R&B treading back to the surface of the popular music scene, Milo's sultry voice rings loud enough so you won't catch yourself dozing off while listening to her dreamy tunes. As expected, standout songs are previously released singles 'Bout You' and 'Rats'. For me, 'Miss You"'is the track that snuck under my skin. It's the little lines like "You're kind of fucked up but brilliant" behind a smooth instrumental melody that get you inside your own head. There's also something special about 'Wimbledon' - I don't know how to explain it, but take my word for it and give it a listen.

To be honest though, something about the album is flat. Don't get me wrong, This Thing Of Ours is an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to finish, but for reasons unknown, it personally left me feeling a bit apathetic and indifferent. Production wise, it's got the whole package, but behind all the endearing words pouring out of Milo's mouth, there's a lack of emotional connection. Maybe it's in the approach of Milo's calm and soothing delivery. Or is she holding back?

Rainy Milo doesn't demand your attention, but she certainly deserves it. She's one of those rare gems that can sparkle without shine from the spotlight. This is an artist you'll want to watch.