Artist: Ralph Myerz Single: My Darling Label: Beatservice Records Release Date: 22/09/08 Link:

We don't really include many electro/hip hop/rnb inspired artists on this website so I thought I would branch out a bit and include Ralph Myerz into the mix and I'm glad I did. Ralph Myerz, from The Jack Herren Band fame is heading out on his own and 'My Darling' is his first effort. Produced by Norwegian Hip-Hop producer Pee Wee, this songs real quality lies in singer Christine Sandtorvs vocals. She's got a great ease to her voice and for an RnB style singer she doesn't go over the top like many others I could mention.

The song itself has a nice slow feel to it that would be a perfect accompaniment to being lazy on a couch at midnight. My only critiscm is that it gets a bit repeptive near the end and I felt that there needed to be more variety during the middle section but apart from that it's a pretty good effort!

Rating 3/5