Label: Rebel Alliance Recordings Release date: 14/09/09 (Out Now!) Website: Official MySpace Please don’t get me in the least bit wrong: I love ska, I love Random Hand, I love Inhale/Exhale, their second album, and Anger Management is one of my favourite tracks on it. It’s a massive shame, then, that the single release for Anger Management is such a disappointment. First of all, the song has been subjected to the horror of the Radio Edit. Whilst the album version opens with a fantastically thick and bouncy horn intro, the edit skips the first verse and leads with the chorus, which makes for a weak start. The song is fantastic on the record because of the balance between the relaxed and skankable first half and the powerful hardcore second half, but with 40 seconds cut off the beginning, the track feels a bit lopsided. It’s still a good song, but it’s not a great one anymore. As for the B-Sides, ‘Save Us In This World’ starts out in typical Random Hand fashion, with horns and jerky ska guitars giving way to metallic chugging , but at nearly six minutes long, gets a little tiresome as the band make space for guest vocalist Babar Luck, who’s performance is nothing special. There are also the token remixes, including a Swami mix of ‘I, Human’, another track from Inhale/Exhale, which stutters uncomfortably to life and spends a couple of minutes sounding tacky and repetitive until a messy ending. The Ben C mix of ‘Anger Management’ is far more interesting, with a slow and fuzzy synth line that rolls along, seamlessly incorporating the vocals of both halves of the song. This remix almost makes the single worth it, and is definitely recommended to fans of the band, as it’s a unique re-interpretation of one of their best songs. It’s just a shame that it remixes the radio edit rather than the superior original. Fortunately, the album version features on the CD, tacked on the end, but that’s not really the point. I encourage you, if you’ve never heard Random Hand before, to check out either of their albums, or to see them live, because they’re the more fun than should be allowed. But sorry guys, this one was a bit of a disappointment. Rating: 5/10