Label: Self-Released Release date: 22/06/09 Website: In recent months the lead singer of Red Room, a band formerly of the name, Marbles, traveled to New York. Here, he ended up recording an EP of demos with a different lineup of musicians to his band back in London. With the input of drummer, Chris Michaels, Cloud Room guitarist, John Petrow and renowned producer, Robert Khozouri, who worked with punk bands in the 1970s at CBGB; Sam Frankl has reinvented Marbles' ever changing sound as the almost finalized, better suited form of Red Room. Each track on Scratch is a raw, un-manufactured piece that captures Red Room's naturally dark, blues rock tones that have been influenced by the melancholic musicians of the early years such as the Doors and the Velvet Underground. Combined with Sam Frankl's lyrics, which show so much thought and experience for a young songwriter, the recordings provide an engaging listen and unlike all of Red Room's previous recordings as Marbles, do great justice to Frankl as a musician and performer. While some may dwell on the past, pioneering the rough, frantic sound of 60s and 70s garage rock, Red Rooms music can certainly be applied to this, but songs like 'Calmness In The Chaos' and 'Make Up' bring the music up to date, catering for all eras and maintaining the unspoiled live sound that so many musicians try to pull off. Rating: 7/10