Venue: The Half Moon Date: 25/06/09 Red Room prepared for another transition in Putney last night, as Sam Frankl had recently returned from America to play an acoustic gig with some of the original band members for the first time in three months. It was an awkward performance because that lack of collaboration between the musicians for all that time was clear, and not just because they were listening to their own songs on an iPod before the show started, just to get familiar. Having said that it was far from an atrocious performance; all that seemed to be chaotic the was drummer, Rob Hervais, getting carried away, especially when it seemed at one point like he was about to burst into a jazz solo. There was also poignancy in the air as Camilla Mason took to the stage to sing with the band for the last time. Usually a soft soothing voice that provides the equilibrium for Sam's alpha male bellow, Camilla sang her heart out with an aggression that implied it was her last chance to perform in life, let alone with Red Room. Finishing the set without a goodbye or last song announcement was a strange move, but somewhat made sense. They left the gig unfinished, which they will set right once they return to the venue with a full line up next month. Red Room will be headlining the Half Moon, Putney, as a full band on 15th July