In a time when photographers such as David LaChapelle or Annie Leibowitz, celebrity photography has become somewhat monotonous and purely for commercial appeal, but in Yousuf Karsh’s Regarding Heroes we see a sharp contrast. He himself confessed to not wanting to photograph these people for their accomplishments but rather the aura that surrounded them. In this exhibition we are able to see the film noir essence that Karsh worked with for most of his life. In this retrospective we are able to see some of the greatest people of this century such as, Martin Luther King, The Kennedy's and even Albert Einstein. The work is immaculate in execution but it had many social commentaries such as how high we hold celebrities. Karsh was able to pioneer what celebrity photography once was and that was having them in their natural environment. He was able to photograph them in the fishbowl that they swam in but also captured their humanity in gestures and the vulnerability captured in their eyes. Love it or hate, Yousuf Karsh’sRegarding Heroes, now at the Art Institute until April 26, is a pioneer and maybe the reason why every other Vogue has Angelina or Kidman on the cover. - Jorge