This cleverly (or not at all cleverly, depending on what sort of mood you're in) titled remix album from Glaswegian instrumental band Remember Remember brings plenty of sonic experimentation to the table. Working from the source material, 2011's The Quickening, a variety of artists and label-mates have reworked Remember Remember's looped, intricate guitar and orchestral swells into looped, intricate electronic bleeps, and whirling keyboard washes. And for the most part, it works.

The band have even remixed some of their own work into something new. The track 'A Larger Demon' is now a stripped back, hauntingly fragile piano affair, which stands in stark contrast to the heavily processed, beat laden sounds provided by other remix artists. GRNR manage an impressive blend of the acoustic guitars and strings found on 'One Happier', and the lo-fi, crackling electronics poured on top, as do Dam Mantle. Sadly, in a lot of other cases, the remixes suffer from a sense of being hacked to bits, and the digital glue used to put them back together doesn't feel quite strong enough.

With any remix album, a sense of coherency is going to be difficult to achieve, as is often the case here. But with The Mixening, Remember Remember give you a lovely set of songs which sound just fine on their own – even without a deep appreciation for the originals, there will be something for most listeners here. Those hardcore fans of the band and their peers are sure to revel in the creative ways in which their favourite songs have been tweaked, but everybody else can be satisfied with a solid, if rather standard sounding effort.