Every once in a while, a band emerges with a song that's destined to play on repeat inside your head for the foreseeable future. That happened recently when I first heard Rendez-Vous' latest single 'Distance' - the first taster from the Parisian quartet's sophomore EP of the same name. Eager to learn more about this band, who seemed to be inhabiting a mélange of Mancunian post-punk and continental kraut-cold-wave, I soon discovered their 2014 self-titled debut EP and single 'The Others', shaking my head in disappointment with myself for having missed these guys two years ago.

But I'm now redeeming myself with their brilliant sophomore EP Distance, a six-track release that cleverly mixes well-learned references while providing something fresh in a flawless and mature way. Mixed by The Men's frontman Ben Greenberg, Distance is described as sounding "closer to the vision of the band." It's a neat, straight-to-the-point approach to the late-70s desolation-coloured landscape that we all grew to know and love, delivering the desired message without taking it over the top or being underwhelming.

Besides the amazing title-track, a special mention must be made for my personal favourite 'Euroshima' - a track whose energetic and synth-driven melody seems to be constructed through thin layers of simplicity that, together, form an intricate ecosystem of sound. Despite wanting to stay clear of pointless musical stereotypes and clichés, the subtle yet admirable mastery of 'Euroshima' in particular illustrates why the French undoubtedly dominate all things electronic. And yes, you can hear The Cure, Siouxsie, Joy Division, or even more Eurocentric bands like Lescop or Marquis de Sade, echoing through Rendez-Vous' music, but it's in their ability to shirk particular timeframes or references that really impresses.

And as the EP's closer 'Ignorance & Cruelty' seems to appropriately brighten the skies by tainting them in a grey-blue hue similar to Sétima Legião's A Um Deus Desconhecido opener 'Glória', we realise Rendez-Vous have created a solid dynamic with their EP, placing it a few steps above "very promising" status. Distance is more than a mere collection of tracks in which to dabble before a proper full-length, it's a mini-album of sorts that irremediably enthrals the listener, leaving no other option than to hit replay once the voyage reaches its end.