Label: Meltwater Records Release Date: 06/10/2008 Link: Buy: Amazon UK Remember those toy telescopes that you played with when you were little? They had those psychedelic images in them that are all swirly? This album made me feel like I was looking into one of those telescopic concoctions again, especially when I was listening the track, ‘Telescope.’ ‘Mathematics’ is beautiful, poetic, and it overflows with fragile and transfixing melodies. Definitely a great rainy-day album to add to the collection.  But did I enjoy it? …Yes, individually the tracks are mesmerizing. They’re liquidized with quiet static noises and have serene fragile lyrics that transfix you into a state beyond reality. By far my favourites on the track list, and the most grabbing, are ‘Broken Little Pieces’, ‘Capture’, and ‘Planting Flags’. They stir up the conscience and the lyrics are most prominent and emotionally evoking. As a whole, what makes ‘Mathematics’ so enthralling is that they’ve crafted each piece with obscure digital mysticisms, experiment, and have imbued a unique hi-fi pureness in each track that refreshes the genre of experimental/down-tempo/electronica. Nonetheless, there are those inevitable ‘buts’… I absolutely cannot sit and listen to an entire album that will knock you out after the fifth song...sorry. By the time I reached the last track I noticed that I was watching the minutes countdown on my iTunes, itching for the next song to play that wasn't soo mellow. I felt like I was one of the shipwrecked in Tennyson's  'The Lotos-Eaters', which, by the way is beautiful and sways you to sleep just as well. Generally speaking, this is not an album to listen to if you plan to be festive on a Friday/Saturday night with some mates, but great for those dreadful morning-afters we all love. And so, the final verdict for renfro’s ‘Mathematics’: Great album, beautifully composed. It's by far one of the best avant-garde, down-tempo albums i've heard in a while. This creation puzzles my mind, brings ease to a stressful day/week, and I must say, a stress remedy that actually works. For about an hour you can escape reality, forget about work, and indulge into those comfortable 'silences'. The standards are set. I can't agree more that renfro ‘pops, fizzes, and clicks!’ Rating: 7.5/10