So lately the Great British weather seems to be laughing in the faces of all of us, and there's a distinct Glastonbury shaped hole in the lives of many. It is however, far from doom and gloom, because what's that I see edging closer from the horizon? Why it's Georgian melody makers Reptar, and they've brought their debut album Body Faucet, along for the ride.

'Sebastian' is a technicolour adventure in calypso-esque beats and an opening 30 seconds that one imagines would be the perfect soundtrack to the day that a Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie walking on the surface of the moon. It evolves into a fully fledged pop song, complete with catchy handclaps that would keep many a festival crowd entertained.

With a title of 'Please Don't Kill Me', you could be forgiven into being surprised when your ears are not met with some doom laden 'it's 2012 and we're all going to die' anthem. Instead Graham Ulicny is playful and the rousing percussion of band-member Poof Daunghty (yes, that is his actual name) will spark comparisons with Friendly Fires except these guys sound even more summery than Ed and his boys' recent effort on Pala.

Remember that time when MGMT completely alienated their fans? 'Isoprene Bath' and the exceptionally titled 'Orifice Origami' capture the perfect pop brilliance that MGMT used to do so well and build upon it to make two tracks that are just perfect to soundtrack a summer filled with wild abandon.

When your only speed seems to be 100 miles an hour, it's hard to lose spark and momentum incredibly easy; especially on a 12 track record. But there's clearly something different about Reptar and the way they approach making music as the rapid fire reggae pace doesn't droop at any point. 'Houseboat Babies' and 'Sweet Sipping Soda' take a more rock 'n' roll edge, yet still suit the youthful vibes.

Closing track 'Water Runs' contains a visceral yet incredibly simple piano led structure where it all seems so average, but stick with it because the reward you will receive at the 1 minute 20 second mark will restore your faith in modern music.

No Glastonbury? No bother. Stuck in your house because London is closed for the Olympics? Not a problem. All you need this year is a straw hat, some sunglasses, a stereo and a copy of Body Faucet and voila! You have an instantly perfect soundtrack to sit in your house listening to while the rain drums against your windows. Other suggestions include making your own Pyramid Stage puppet theatre; but let's be honest, Reptar seem like the more joyous and easier route.