For those of you unaware of them, the Retribution Gospel Choir is a three piece band, featuring Alan Sparhawk and Steve Garrington of Low, along with drummer Eric Pollard. With two albums under their belt, this trio had begun to carve out their own sound, which still owed something to the music of Low, but was distinctly noisier and more inclined towards loud guitar solos. Now, with the release of this four song EP they have reigned in the indulgence of the preceding albums and delivered something which can best be described as power-pop.

The Revolution EP is basically a collection of anthemic rock songs and it has a shininess and simplicity that the cover graphics hint at. These are very brief, catchy songs, and in fact the whole EP runs to a little over 10 minutes. They had hinted at this on their previous album 2, although their pop-rock overtones had been dampened by something darker and more musically complicated. ‘Feel It, Superior’ comes across like the sunnier, polished moments of Guided By Voices, while ‘The Stone (Revolution!)’ is pure power-pop, complete with handclaps, pounding drums, a classic rock riff and a big chorus.

‘Maharisha’ sounds like such a familiar rock anthem that I had to check the credits to see if it wasn’t a cover version, and with its massed backing vocals and cowbell dominated percussion this could almost be a FM-friendly rock band like 80’s Kiss or Def Leppard. It is surprising to say the least. ‘I'm a Man’ manages to be the most Low-like and also the noisiest track here. It is also the only one that isn’t ‘radio friendly’ although it is probably my favourite with very overdriven guitars and intense drums making for a rowdy couple of minutes. For those of us familiar with Low and the earlier work of RGC it is a welcome comedown from the relentless pop sheen of the other songs.