It's easy to see why Revere are getting such a reputation about them. New single As The Radars Sleep is about as grandiose as you can get. The comparisons to Arcade Fire have been flying around, while they might be slightly off the in relation to As The Radars Sleep, there are definitely glimpses of it. The strings and horns swell in and out at exactly the right places and there's even a Sigur Ros twinkling ending. The result is the reverb soaked, deep fill of dark, expansive pop that most bands are searching for. The chorus doffs it's cap to Duke Special at his orchestral best as the rumbling bass and drums set the scene, growing for an age before dropping into that massive chorus. Something about As The Radars Sleep though seems lacking. It isn't quite dark enough or gripping enough- it's all a little too clean cut, too nice almost. If it had a less polished recording, they may well have nailed it. 7/10